“As we’re both sons of farmers, our childhoods were full of excellent fruits and vegetables. When we moved to the city, we didn’t want to lose the ability to eat great food. That’s why we invented a system that lets us grow tasty fruits and vegetables locally and without pesticides, at a price that everyone can afford.”

Gonzague | Guillaume

The whole story

January, 2015

Time to cobble something together

Our taste buds started celebrating as we planted strawberries in an apartment belonging to Gonzague’s uncle. Doubling as the children’s playroom, the growing room was pretty basic, but it worked!

March, 2015

First strawberries were amazing !

We managed to have strawberries, and they were good. It was an encouraging first step. Now we needed to find our own place to play.

April, 2015

Hunting for the right Lego

At that time, there was an old container sitting in the courtyard of Gonzague’s parents’ farm. And it struck us as the ideal solution. It was like a Lego: recyclable, transportable, and able to be placed anywhere! It was time to turn those 33 m2 into a fruit and vegetable paradise.

Growing in a container, really?

May, 2015

See? It’s possible

We worked day and night for a few months. Eventually, we had created our paradise for fruits and vegetables. It was time to present our solution to the world.

June, 2015

Goodbye Localocal, hello Agricool

Before the big reveal, we needed a fresh look. At first, we had decided to call ourselves Localocal. Why? We thought it was simple, clear, efficient and international. But really it was impossible to spell and nobody got it. With the help of The Family, we created a new identity. It was the beginning of Agricool.

October, 2015

First site in Paris

Our prototype took the highway with hundreds of strawberries on board, headed for its new home at the Parc de Bercy. Once there, production really started. We were producing 1 carton of strawberries each day. It wasn’t much, but the taste was incredible!

Pleased to meet you

November, 2015

Let’s meet with the media

The media started showing up, and we had over 1000 visits in just 3 months. We had won our first bet: proving that it was possible to produce tasty food in a Cooltainer.

March, 2016

Time to speed up

A first round of money allowed us to hire our engineering and agronomy leaders. At the time, there were 4 of us: Gonzague, Guillaume, Guillaume and…Guillaume. So we rebaptized our new recruits (pleased to meet you, George and Will) and everything started moving faster.

April, 2016

Our new workplace

After a few months in the basement of The Family, we moved to our own offices in Paris’s 20th arrondissement. We pushed our tests further: density, species, humidity, temperature, light…

New cities coming

November, 2016

The fundraising

We raised about 4 million euros, and moved into our 1500 m2 factory in the Parisian suburb of La Courneuve, with a now full-sized team of talents.

January, 2017

One team, one mission

Our mission is ambitious. To complete it, we need the best, those who are able to reinvent agronomy and engineering as we know it. Those who can challenge the status quo, reinventing the system of food production. We received more than 700 applications, and went from two founders to a team of 30 in just one year.

May, 2017

Research & development

After two years of R&D, we managed to invent a new way of growing food. We are now able to be 120 times more productive, without pesticides or GMOs, while using 90% less water and nutrients, and consuming only renewable energy. Most importantly, it’s a method that brings taste back to our food, produced 100% locally.

September, 2017

Let’s meet our community

That’s it ! We (finally) meet our first customers, those who follow the adventure from the beginning. And now, what’s next ? Meet you all and make you taste our strawberries.


An optimistic future?

Today we grow incredible strawberries in the center of Paris. Tomorrow, we’ll be producing all kinds of fruits and vegetables in large cities all over the world.

Wahou !

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