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Fruit and only fruit!

We’ve built a paradise for fruit and vegetables (the right humidity, the best air quality, the ideal light). We produce with no pesticides, no pollution, no GMOs. Come taste our strawberries. They’re great, and they’re waiting just for you.

Crops coming from right down the street!

End of the line, everybody off. No more traveling 1500 km across Europe to go from farm to table. We can grow right where we live. Our strawberries live here, less than 20 km from your house.

Harvested that morning, perfectly ripe.

We choose strawberries for their taste, not their ability to survive a long journey. We harvest them when they’re ripe, tasty and full of vitamins.

Healthy fruits and vegetables grown in the cities

We are 120 times more productive than conventional farming. We want everyone to access, once again, excellent fruit and vegetables grown without pesticide.

A new job and new neighbors, the Cooltivators!

We’ve created a new job, that of urban farmer, who we call a Cooltivator. We want to multiply the number of Cooltivators and allow everyone to produce excellent fruit and vegetables in our cities without pesticide.

Our Cooltainers are sustainable.

Producing quality food mustn’t come at the expense of our planet. We save 90% more water and nutrients when compared to conventional farming. We only work with renewable energies.

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